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About us… Welcome to our blog. But first, let tell you our background details before you move your cursor down. Actually, we are the students of S.M.K. GOMBAK SETIA (not to mentioned, one of the best school in selangor).haha! This team consists of 4 members that are - three girls and one eligible bachelor plus a teacher. 1st- nur hafifa a.k.a fifa (4 CM) Gombak Single and available Our leader @ IRON LADY 2nd- maizura mahsudi a.k.a jue (4 CM) Gombak Not available at the moment (haha) Our banker @ WONDER WOMAN 3rd- qusyairie kassim a.k.a ayie (4 MR) Gombak Single and available Our genius @ SUPERMAN 4th- puteri a.k.a puts (4 CM) Gombak Not available Our secretary @ BETTY 5th- our teacher Ms fazilah 4 CM class teacher



  • Ask your parents to buy food that is palm oil free or only contains palm oil that is grown in a sustainable way. In other words, grown in a way that is safe for the environment, for wildlife, and for people.
  • Tell your friends and family about orangutans and how important it is to help protect them, or ask your teacher to tell you more about orangutans in class.
  • Use recycled writing paper and toilet paper, and don't waste paper - it comes from trees!
    Ask your school to buy environmentally friendly paper
  • Borrow books from the library instead of buying them, or make sure your books use paper made from sustainable sources. Many books are printed on paper that may come from trees cut down illegally in tropical rainforests.
  • Ask your family not to buy things made of wood that comes from the rain forests where orangutans live such as mahogany, teak, rosewood and zebrawood.
  • Send e-cards instead of paper cards to help save paper.
    Ask your parents to use rechargeable batteries, and to recycle them when they stop working, to keep harmful metals from entering the environment.
  • Don't waste electricity - turn off electrical items such as the TV and computer when you are not using them. Don't leave your TV on stand-by as this still uses half the amount of energy as when it's switched on.
  • Ask your parents to use energy efficient light bulbs.
    Don't forget to unplug your phone charger when it has finished charging.Have a shower instead of a bath to save energy and water.
  • Save water - turn off the tap while you brush your teeth! If you have an old fashioned toilet - put a brick or a filled plastic bottle of water in the cistern to save water when it flushes.
  • Ask your parents to use reusable bags when they go to the supermarket - plastic bags are not biodegradable, and are made from petroleum, which contributes to climate change.

Reduce reuse and recycle waste!

  • Reduce - Try to buy or ask your parents or carers to buy products with less packaging.
  • Reuse - Don't just throw things away! Can someone else use your unwanted stuff?
  • Recycle - Try to recycle, or ask your parents to recycle waste from your house. Paper, card, plastic, glass and cans are just some of the things that can be recycled in the UK.