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About us… Welcome to our blog. But first, let tell you our background details before you move your cursor down. Actually, we are the students of S.M.K. GOMBAK SETIA (not to mentioned, one of the best school in selangor).haha! This team consists of 4 members that are - three girls and one eligible bachelor plus a teacher. 1st- nur hafifa a.k.a fifa (4 CM) Gombak Single and available Our leader @ IRON LADY 2nd- maizura mahsudi a.k.a jue (4 CM) Gombak Not available at the moment (haha) Our banker @ WONDER WOMAN 3rd- qusyairie kassim a.k.a ayie (4 MR) Gombak Single and available Our genius @ SUPERMAN 4th- puteri a.k.a puts (4 CM) Gombak Not available Our secretary @ BETTY 5th- our teacher Ms fazilah 4 CM class teacher


Mission – is to open all the public eyes and change their perceptions about the orang utan, what is the current issue that has been one of the major issues in the animal world and what we can do to conserve the orang utan.

Objectives – is to create a campaign that is effective, functional, and can give an impact towards the societies thus changing their perception about the orang utan.

So, we have created a multi level campaign starting from interviewing the correspondents until creating our own online MYSPACE account. Below are the lists of our campaigning strategies.

Campaigning strategies -

1st) creates our own MYSPACE online account –

2nd) produced a video on YOUTUBE –
www.youtube.com/the orang utan 1
3rd) advertised our campaign in one of the major news papers in town - METRO
4th) visits the national zoo Kuala Lumpur
5th) banner and fliers give away – around K. L
6th) form a foundation named BANANABUNCIT FOUNDATION
7th) ask public to donate

But first, before you take a look what we have done, let me explain to you how this campaign works. First of all, we have created one MYSPACE account that works as the major campaigning strategies. In this account, people who do really support our campaign, can add us and leave only one comment on the default picture. All the information that you need were all been added in the MYSPACE and we also did included our YOUTUBE links and blog links so that they can easily linked to our blog and youtube video. About the youtube video, we have produced a 4 minutes awareness video about what cause the orang utan extinct. In this video, we also inserted our myspace account link so that the people who watched the video and has an account in myspace, they can show their support by adding us as one their friend in their myspace too. Secondly, we have cooperated with the HARIAN METRO newspaper and they have advertised our awareness campaign fliers in their newspaper on (another two weeks). In the advertisement, we also have inserted our myspace links and also our youtube links so that people who do read the advertisement will notice our myspace or the youtube links. Next, we have done another interview but at the same time we are promoting our campaign around K.L. All the correspondents were consists from the school students, adults and also some tourists/ foreigners. During the interview, we have highlighted our myspace accounts link mostly to the school student because as you know most of the Malaysia’s school students has their own myspace account and it will be easier for them to show their support by simply adding us as one of their friend in myspace. Easy rite. Next is, we also have done another advertisement but not in the newspaper but by using the banner that we have hung at the CENTRAL MARKET KUALA LUMPUR. . And lastly, we also has formed one foundation named BANANABUNCIT foundation where people can donate as much as they can and all the donation will be given to the WWF under the name of orang utan awareness campaign. . As the conclusion, we make the MYSPACE accounts as the main strategies in our campaign. All the minor plans such as advertisement or video will works as the ‘pillars’. The number of friends in our myspace account will show to you how successful this campaign is and so did the number of the people who watched the video in youtube. The number will represents our supporters during the campaign were done. Below is the information about each of our campaigning strategies with extra footage from every activity that we have done. to make sure that they knew what to do to save the orang utan, we will extends this myspace links and will always updates our blog even though the competition has over, besides gaining knowledge, they still can help the WWF not in physically, but in mentally as they can set up in their mind that orang utan is a special creature and as a human, we must supports the government or the non government organization to keep this creature still exists and do not let them from extinct before our grandson could see it before their eyes in the future.