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About us… Welcome to our blog. But first, let tell you our background details before you move your cursor down. Actually, we are the students of S.M.K. GOMBAK SETIA (not to mentioned, one of the best school in selangor).haha! This team consists of 4 members that are - three girls and one eligible bachelor plus a teacher. 1st- nur hafifa a.k.a fifa (4 CM) Gombak Single and available Our leader @ IRON LADY 2nd- maizura mahsudi a.k.a jue (4 CM) Gombak Not available at the moment (haha) Our banker @ WONDER WOMAN 3rd- qusyairie kassim a.k.a ayie (4 MR) Gombak Single and available Our genius @ SUPERMAN 4th- puteri a.k.a puts (4 CM) Gombak Not available Our secretary @ BETTY 5th- our teacher Ms fazilah 4 CM class teacher


1) THROUGH ONLINE MYSPACE ACCOUNTS – www.myspace.com/bananabuncit

- This accounts works as our main strategies. People, who support our campaign, can easily add us as one of their friends and just leave only one comment on our default picture. The number of our friends will determine the number of our supporters out there. Plus, all the information that people need about orang utan and our campaigning strategies were been included in our myspace account. People just wait to let us approved their request and then, they can leave us their comment in our profile. In our myspace too, we have included our 3 minutes awareness video where people can see before they add us as their friends. About that video, I will tell you later. For your information, from the first day we have created our accounts and until now, the number of our friends is still increasing and the list is still goes on and on and on :P

www.youtube.com/the orang utan 1 by buncit1122

- This video works as the second main strategies in our campaigning strategies. This video will let the audiences to think, what will happen to our future, if the orang utan extinct. Same as the myspace accounts, from the first day we have publish this video (myspace and youtube) and until now, the number of watchers was increasing in number day by day: D


IN HARIAN METRO on??? ( act, another two weeks )
Besides using online strategies, we also advertised our campaign through mass media by advertised our fliers on HARIAN METRO. We have cooperated with HARIAN METRO where they will advertise our fliers in hope where people who read the newspaper will notice our campaign there. In the fliers, we have inserted our myspace link and our own youtube links where people can link to our myspace account easily. Unfortunately, the HARIAN METRO told us that we have to wait another 2 weeks for it to be advertised :(


loca * national zoo of Kuala Lumpur. ( still waiting for the pics)

- On the 8/8, we have visited the national zoo of Kuala Lumpur where we did bring along our friends and supporters to come along and visits the orang utan cage located at the ape centre. that day, Ayie still wore his uniform (black shirt, grey pants, green belt plus green sling bag). He said that it will be his uniform during this campaign were been done. What a boy! First of all, this visit is to educate the people how important and how precious orang utan is towards the society.

(at the ape centre)

(interview with the zoo worker)

- After we arrived at the zoo, we quickly went to the main entrance to purchase our ticket. After that, we quickly went to the ape centre where the orang utan were located. At that day, there were not so many visitors as it is a working day, only three couples were there at that time actually. In the cage, there’s only 4 orang utan were been placed.

(the orang utans)

(public interview with the tourists and the visitors)

- Without wasting any time, we did manage to cooperate with the zoo keeper to give us a short brief and we also did some interviews about orang utan too. .
- Unfortunately, the zoo keeper told us there will be no camera in this discussion. At that time we were so frustrated because he was holding one orang utan named Tsunami ( A 5 years old female orang utan, born on the exact date of the tsunami acheh trgedies) and we thought that we could snap some picture to show it to you. We were been told that tsunami is phobia towards camera and tsunami is not so well at that day. But it’s okay. We still got collected much information from the interview.
- During the interview, the zoo keeper told us that the orang utan is same like human being but this creature is more too the disable people what we meant is the OKU.They eats what we eats, drinks what we drinks, the female had their periods, nine months pregnancies, sleeps with a blanket plus they have feelings too like loving each other, protective, helping among their community when it comes facing the enemies and so on..
- Besides, we did ask the zoo keeper how we can do to conserve this orang utan and what is usually caused the reducing of orang utan in number year by year,,,
- He said that the human is the main cause in the reducing of orang utan populations. As you know, people do haunt their young and the logging, paper and palm oil industries where this thing affects their natural habitat.
- He added if we want to conserve this animal, the authorities, the government and the public have to 'working together' where the government have to support the authorities when it comes in the conserving activities and the public also have to stop/ reducing their activities like stop buying products like palm oil, stop haunting them, reduce the logging, palm oil, and paper industries, created a 100% free activities forest, green forest, awareness campaign and so on.
- After the interview ended, after the girls have stopped snapping camera, we went straight to the main gate and make our move back hom. The feed back from our supporters is also good. They said “we gain lots of information and people who still don’t know what is orang utan, they have to come here and after they have visits the orang utan cage, then they will know how beautiful and special orang utan is”. Owh thanks guys XD

loca * CM
On the 15/8, our team went to the CENTRAL MARKET commonly known as PASAR SENI to do some ‘job ‘there. We actually want to hang a banner and want to do some fliers give away activities. That day started when we have to gather at the Taman melati station at 2.45 pm and as usual, Ayie late.. He arrived at three and still wore his black uniform. But its okay, we forgive him as he makes his not so cute face to the girls. Wekkkk..!! Luckily, for this time we have been accompanied with another 3 persons that are shukri, has and namie. They have been our loyal supporters since the first day we formed our team. Thanks y’ll: D and then we took a train to make our next move to the CENTRAL MARKET KUALA LUMPUR.

(our loyal suppoters *shukri,namie and has)

- After we reached CM, we started to look for our ‘team point’, where will do all the activity there. And then, we divided our team into 3 groups. First group fa and puts, second group jue and has and the third group we named it the bachelor group, not other than ayie, shukri and namie. Hehe

(jue,puts and fifa handling the group division)

(namie and shukri helping us during the fliers give away)

Next was the banner. The time was already 5.30 o’clock. Can we still manage to hang the banner-? The answer is no... Puts didn’t bring the banner. She said she forget to bring it. She makes all of us pissed on her.

- Our task is to give away all the fliers around CENTRAL MARKET. Unfortunately, we only managed to finish the first bundle, the second bundle we couldn’t finished it as too many and most of the tourist don’t want to receive the filers. Reasons- we still don’t know????

(the baby bottle:D)

- The time was 6 pm. We still thought that it was too early to leave and there were many fliers to give away. And then puts took out one big baby bottle. We said “what is that thing”. And then she said “what if we just collect our donations for our funds?”. At first we thought it was not necessary but jue makes us all, sort of agreed to it. And then we all agree to collect some donations from the tourist and the public.

(happy by the donations)

(people who donates at us)

By the end of the day, we managed to collect 100 ringgit for our fund. Credits to puts for the brilliant idea, jue for the motherhood and the public for the donations. Thanks y’ll: )

(rest- drop dead exhausted)


- The time was 7 pm. All of us were drop dead hungry + exhausted. Without wasting anytime, we went to the cafeteria at the second floor of the central market and fill our stomach with foods.

- After we finished our dinner, we straight went back home happily.


After all the activities have been done,we have formed a foundation under the name of the orang utan awareness campaign. This foundation works as the ‘bank’ it means all the donations whether it comes from the public or anybody, the money will go this foundations first before we sent it to the WWF. This foundation was official formed and were been launched on the 8th of august 2009.


After we’ve formed the foundation, and as usual namie and shukri were here to supports us, we have done a little charity by knocking each houses in PLATINUM HILL CONDOMINIUM. This time, namie was the mastermind as he lived there. Fyi, weird thing had happened that day, Ayie was not wearing his black uniform, we all don’t know why. Maybe he had a dream last night... Who knows:P SORRY AYIE. haha

We started from the first the block and then moved to the next block. But the second block, we just couldn’t make it as it too many. Our camera was not working so well at that day. The camera was shut down during the half way to the first block. But its okay, we still managed to collect a large sum of money. Besides asking for donations, we also do give them our homemade butter and chocolate cookies. This cookies were sponsored by puts and each person who donates to us were been given two piece of this delicious cookies.

By the end of the day, we managed to collect another 50 ringgit and it means we the total amount of donations is 100 ringgit. Yayy!!!!

(during the proses making the banner)

(hands for life)

About the banner, we created it again after put lost it. we hung it at the park at the platinum hill, where people who cross at the park will notice our 7 foot banner.

After all the works were finished, we packed our thing and moved back home happily.